Monday, September 27, 2010

Hamzah bin Nawawi : Vote For Your Future Leader

Praise be to Allah the Almighty who has created the living things on the surface of the earth. The greatness that no arbitrator is to provide convenience and enjoyment to the people to interact and deliver message for the sake of our beloved Islam.

As the announcement spread out recently, there will be Student Representative Council UTP  (SRCUTP) 2010/2010 Election held on 7th October 2010. Six representatives will be elected for General Constituency and two representatives for each Programme Constituency to become members of the SRCUTP 2010/2011. In conjunction with our election, I would like to take this precious opportunity to  set myself onto the stage. I'm Hamzah bin Nawawi, your next MPPUTP leader.

Who Am I?

A student from Chemical Engineering Department, currently undergoing Industrial Internship Programme at Ethylene Polyethylene Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. (EPEMSB) which is located at Kerteh, Terengganu. 

I was born and raised in the delightful Negeri Sembilan. Received early education at Sekolah Kebangsaan Seri Pilah before furthering my study to Sekolah Menengah Sains Kebangsaan Tuanku Jaafar. Here, I nurtured my leadership skills by joining various activities. One of the most memorable moments during my school days, I was honored to lead a delegation from Malaysia to go to Germany in 'Program Pengantarabangsaan Pelajar' on 2005.

Trip to Germany

My Achievements

Because of my excellent achievements, both in academic and cextra-curricular activities, I was honored with various awards :
  • Ketua Murid Agung, SMS Tuanku Jaafar, 2006 
  • Anugerah Emas Kepimpinan SMS Tuanku Jaafar, 2006 
  • Anugerah Full-Colors SBP, Hari Kecemerlangan SBP Kebangsaan, 2007
Currently, I am an active member of SMS Tuanku Jaafar Alumni.

In Universiti Teknologi Seri Iskandar (UTP), I never look back. With a strong willing to contribute towards the society, I decided to surge forward by joining various events and extra-curricular activities. I am a member of Residential College Support Unit (RSCU) which entrusted to hold various important positions during my tenure.
    • ExploreRC Sponsorship Department Committee, 2008
    • RCSU Welfare Exco, 2008
    • Advisor of MAKK X, 2009
    • Vice President 1of RCSU, 2009
    • International Leadership Visit to Vietnam, 2009 as a representative of RCSU 
    • RECMO 2009 Facilitator, 2009
    • President of RCSU, 2010

    International Leadership Visit to Vietnam

     RECMO 2009

    MAKK X

    With all RCSU committee members

    Moreover, I have also proved my undivided commitment by joining a few events which was organized by MPPUTP. One of them is Convofair 2008, the largest annual event in UTP holding an important position as Treasurer 2 (High Committee). Other than that, I have been involved in Organising Committee of Minggu Aluan Siswa 2009 for 3 consecutive times :
    • Head of Discipline (January 2009 and July 2009 intake)
    • Head of Facilitator (May 2009 intake)
    Convofair 2008 Appreciation Dinner

    With Convofair 2008 Committees

     Minggu Aluan Siswa January 2009 intake

    I also participated in other extra-curricular activites as a member of nasheed group, In-Saff. This group managed to be the winner of Malam Inspirasi Seni 2007. Currently, I am one of the UTP Nasheed Group members and joined few nasheed competitions at national level :
    • Karnival Nasyid Zon Utara (2nd Runner Up), 2008
    • Karnival Nasyid Intravarsiti (1st Runner Up), 2010

     With UTP Nasheed Group Members

    Show your Support!

    Based on the experience in my hand, I can assure you that I have BIG potential to initiate positive changes towards the improvement of MPPUTP. Therefore, to all UTPian friends, let us think deeply and choose the right leader which has wide experience to lead people. It is time for us to make a change to our beloved campus. You are the one who's going to carve the history and make the difference by VOTING ME as your new representative. I will definitely share with you on the agenda that I will bring into SRCUTP once I am at helm in the next post.

    Till then, please continue following this blog and be free to share your thoughts. Thank you!


    1. yes rummate! you are indeed BIG!

      Good luck!

      You have my vote!

    2. akhirnya, selepas bertahun-tahun aku menunggu..gudlak hamzah..

    3. insyaallah, to all my dearest colleagues who are now undergoing internship, do promote me to all your friends that are still in UTP....

    4. Hamzah you totally deserve to be the president..I on behalf of internatioonal student would like to say that we all will support you and vote for you. You are the best!

    5. thanks for your support. insyaAllah i will be presenting my manifesto tonight. wish me luck.

    6. all the best bro..sokong ko..wohoho

    7. good luck and all the best my friend

      1 vote from me
      boleh ke promote via blog?

    8. boleh...digalakkan sangat2...jom2...lagi best, pakat turun mengundi beramai2...thnx for ur support...