Monday, December 27, 2010

SRCUTP 2010/2011 : Reaching Communities


Alhamdulillah, together we praised to Allah, for His Greatest of giving us the chance to live up our day. After 3 days of final discussion, now MPPUTP 2010/2011, is ready in making up the changes at UTP.


Current HiCom and Exco : Some of the Hicoms and excos are not around

A little bit regarding the new tag line of current MPPUTP. "Reaching Communities" is agreed by us in giving the overview about the way that is chose by MPPUTP for this tenure. On behalf of us, we are going to give our best effort in being near to all of the communities at UTP. We hope that we could do our best in enhancing the unity among us, to bring up the student's right and to prepare the best platform for all of us to perform as a good and great "mahasiswa" that could be the role models to others.

But, this is not easy to do. To talk is easy, but to walk it out is hard. We hope that all of the UTP communities will always be with us in every single thing that we do especially in those activities that are held for empowering us. You are the one who is actually being the best indicator of this tenure, either a success or a failure.

Brothers and sisters,

Let us make it together. Let us shift our paradigm to a higher level. We, the MPPUTP, couldn't do much unless all of us unite. Your trust and your supports are the things that we are looking for. Be with us, be our check and balance agents and do support us. We are not fight for our own benefits, but we are fight for all of us. To voice out our rights.

~Shift our paradigm~

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