Sunday, October 3, 2010

The 1st Step Toward Improvement

The Manifesto Night went smoothly without any problem. Thanks to the committee who had work so hard to organize the event. Alhamdulillah, all of the 7 candidates presented their manifesto very well, in brilliant manner.

General Constituency candidates

Rebranding MPPUTP
I am not writing this post to tell you about the event itself, but I am here to share with you about what my motto, "Rebranding MPPUTP" is all about. The rebranding is all about improving the MPPUTP to become an approachable organization in order to solve issues and problems that lingered among us without any real solution.

Based on 4 years of spending my life in our campus, I have observed that the unity among the students that come from various races has been an unsolved issue for a very long time. It is so obvious that they are not blending with each other very well. To make the problem worse, there are events that being conquered by certain races. For example, Convofair is conquered by Malay student, EDX is conquered by Chinese student and also for ISC events, which being participated by majority international students. This is a really unhealthy situation because if there is any issue that touches the sensitivity of a race spreads, a catastrophic problem of student unity will occur.

The Solutions

Therefore, here I am to suggest some solutions regarding to this matter. My vision is to make the MPPUTP becoming more approachable. Instead of the students seek MPPUTP to solve problem, the MPPUTP comes to them. The MPPUTP will organize a sharing session with students for them to share problems that they observe in UTP. This step is relevant as the MPPUTP is an organization which to voice out the problems around the campus on behalf of students to the management of UTP. 

As for the unity problems, MPPUTP should organize interracial dialogue between different races representative and MPPUTP. The objective this 2-ways dialogue is to know what are the main problems that prevent the unity between the races. The quota system should also be applied in organizing events. The quota system is to ensure every race can get the same opportunity to participate in events as committees. In order for them to mix around well, they must work together and share the happiness and problem together in organizing events like pepatah Melayu said, ringan sama dipikul, berat sama dijinjing.

What's next?
For me, the Manifesto Night is only the beginning of battle to gain trust and support from my UTP friends. No matter how good my manifesto, if I don't have your support, our dream to rebrand MPPUTP and to unite our friends will be always a dream. So, think and choose wisely, who is the most worthy to become the next MPPUTP leader. As a conclusion, I want to share to you a German idiom, Unser Leben ist voll mit Herausforderungen. So muessen wir ueberleben. In English in means, there are so many problems and challenges in our life, but the life goes on. In order to face the challenges, a brilliant leader is needed and that is our responsibility as a student for our beloved campus. Vote for me, Hamzah bin Nawawi, candidate number 6.

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