Monday, October 4, 2010

Hamzah Nawawi : Candidate #6 Manifesto Video


Dear friends, Alhamdulillah I have uploaded a short video introducing myself and my manifesto. Feel free to watch it and don't to vote me, candidate number 6 on this Thursday (7/10/2010).

Thank you


  1. Bro i think u missing a word in this post.
    "Feel free to watch it and don't to vote me"

    u missing the word forget n it should be
    "Feel free to watch it and don't forget to vote me"

    adios all the best bro to bring UTP to the best quality.

  2. Banyak perubahan yang telah hamzah bawak kat dlam rcsu..tak mustahil rebranding mpputp akan jd kenyataan, because he have done it before, so it is possible to do it again!

  3. thanks a lot to both of with me, we bring d changes in UTP...