Wednesday, October 6, 2010

To All My Supporters


Less than 24 hours from now, a new line up of MPPUTP will be officially announced. I believe that the election committee is now in hectic to make the last preparation for tomorrow. A little bit of nervous comes disturbing me, but I know, that all the UTPians are brilliant enough, to make the wise decision in voting for their future leaders. Whatever it is, vote for the right candidate. Vote for their capability not for their popularity.

Since the first time I met all the candidates during the nomination day, I noticed that they are all capable and having a good charismatic in being such a good leader. The confidence that are shown by them, somehow telling me that this time, I have to struggle if I want to win this election. Many of them had experienced working in previous line up of MPP UTP. So, why should you vote for me as I have no experience in MPP UTP? Your vote is important as it would give MPP UTP, an agent for check and balance that would lead to drive up MPP in different way. Maybe I have no experience in MPP UTP. But, experience that I gained since my secondary school until in UTP with RCSU is going to be my precious asset. The leadership skills in joining RCSU can be implemented in MPP UTP if I am given the mandate by you. Leadership is an action, so it requires skills. Leadership is not the thing that makes you rigid with certain group of people and certain area of working, but it makes you brilliantly deal with various types of people and different type of problems.

Some of my colleagues even ask me, what did make you difference from the rest? It is quite hard to answer it but believe in me, my dearest brothers and sisters. I experienced working in RCSU starting from the bottom level and I can gain the trust from them until I was being voted as the President. Experience is something that we cannot gain in the class. Furthermore, undergoing internship at Ethylene Polyethylene Malaysia Sdn Bhd is really taught me the meaning of life. Here, I am appointed as the leader for the trainees. The responsibility in being the leader is not only for managing the UTP trainees, but also to manage the trainees from INSTEP and also some others IPTA such as UiTM, UMP and Politeknik Sultan Mizan. Working with many types of people, teach me indirectly steps in becoming a good leader.

Dear brothers and sister,
               Let us do our responsibility as UTPian. It is all up to you now. You are the one who is going to decide your next leader. Think wisely and vote carefully. Don’t forget, vote for the right candidate and don’t forget, vote for me, candidate no 6.

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  1. hamzah,

    we have given up on the election years back but considering the fact that my friends and i were at the cafe for lunch just now, we decided to go for it anyway.

    ive no clue if our 4 votes will be of any help but just know that your efforts didnt go unnoticed. :)

    p/s : i like the whole let mpp come to students approach. sadly, we are, after all, pretty lazy beings. haha.

    all the best. :)